Monday, August 4, 2014

Montessori Yearlong & B2S Sale

Wow! Its that time of the year again. I cant believe it! Oh, my where has time gone? This is yet another busy summer for me, between training and more training. It never stops! I have one more coming up this Thursday and then back to work, yikes! This year because of a practicum, I need to do for my Montessori training, I'm trying to slow it down and focus on getting my projects done, first. I put myself under this super schedule in order to get things done and have a little me time somewhere in there. This morning was day 1 of my super schedule and so far I did pretty good. I got to finish two binders ( Zoology and Botany) and got halfway done my Yearlong Project, yay for me! Of course, as you can see in the picture my Yearlong Project will be on Reading Comprehension. I couldn't believe that there is a specific binder for every area except Reading Comprehension! I'm not sure why is this, but I bet there's an answer to it. So for now, since I love Reading and have always taught in a Montessori manner might as well put all of my ideas into this one binder called a manual.

Don't forget you have one more day to stock up and save BIG! After you finish , hop on over to Blog Hopping and link to show what you bought.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Long Hiatus and Montessori

Hello! After a long hiatus, I am back. It has been one busy year filled with some unexpected and expected hurdles. I am just glad I survived it and have recuperated my balance. I can't wait to start blogging again and sharing my classroom experiences and activities with all of you. Now for some exciting news! This summer I have dedicated to organizing and finishing my Montessori teacher training. I am currently halfway done through the Elementary training and loving all the things I have learned. Here is a tiny sneak previous from the training. 

Stay tuned because I will be posting some material that I have been working on to go along with all of this new information. Also , I can't wait to share with you how I plan for my multiage classroom. I think I have finally found something that works for me.

Isn't amazing how Dr.Montessori's expectations for a 6-9 year old child still continues to meet and exceed today educational standards?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Oh, Valentine!

This week between the madness of progress report and grading, I manage to sneak in sometime to prep my valentine's activity for the classroom. I usually first start with activities that promote fine motor skills. Over the years I have collected so many trinkets and cute items that make great activities to reinforce fine motor skills. I was able to come up with a total of 14 activities even though I'm only showing 13. I have one activity that is still in the making and didn't want to post it incomplete. There is more to come so be on the lookout!

Prepping for Winter

Its been a little bit over a month since my last post. The madness of the beginning of the school year is a crazy time, especially when teaching a multi-age classroom. I feel everyday I am in survival mode and my to do list keep growing. Oh, what ever happen to those wonderful summer days!  I feel my new mission is to get through the week. I must say that behind all of that craziness there still  lies a bit if excitement and joy to be finally back in the classroom. I know its weird, but that is how I feel!

While October flew by and November is quickly approaching, I am still on the look out for new and creative ideas to bring into my classroom. Unfortunately, I had given up for Fall and went straight into winter. I am using these couple of days that are left of Fall to prep for winter lessons and center activities. So far, I have compiled a couple of ideas here and there in my pinterest board. Now, I just hope I remember to prep  before those long cold days come around.

Idea # 1 Snowman Class Pictures comes from Lisa Storms over at
Idea # 2 Last day of school activity comes from   Nicole over at First Grade OWLS 
Idea # 3 Cooking Activity for a snowman theme comes from the Littest Learner
Idea # 4 Snowman Brace Map  comes from Teressa over at  Spotlight on Kinders
Idea # 5 Winter Art Lesson comes from
Idea # 6 Snowman Popcorn Cups comes from Sun Scholars
Idea # 7 Book to read Over and Under 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blogger Giveaway Winner!

Hello all, I am so happy to finally posting here in my blog. I have so much to share and tell! This will be a quick and sweet post. I just wanted to update you on this wonderful blog called YOU'RE So SHARP. She was the lucky winner of the blog design giveaway! She also nominated me for the Libster Award. Here is her new blog, go and check it out :)


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